Our Story

Lane’s Privateer Inn has been a Liverpool landmark since 1798 and a hotel since 1962.



The Barss Mansion

Politician and sea captain Joseph Barss Sr. built his family home in 1798. With three-stories, four rooms per floor, and a fireplace in every room, the Barss home was one of the largest in Liverpool. It still stands today and is part of the Privateer Inn, with original wooden beams found in front desk reception, the gourmet shop, and the corridor leading to the restaurant/pub.

Captain Joseph Barss Jr.

Inheriting the family home from his father, Captain Joseph Barss Jr. lived in the Barss mansion with his wife Olivia and nine children until after the War of 1812. Often considered one of the most successful and well-known privateers, Barss captained the Liverpool Packet, capturing at least 50 enemy vessels. In 1813, following battle with an American ship that far out-sized and out-gunned them, Barss surrendered the Packet. After several months of harsh imprisonment, Barss was released on the condition he never command another privateer vessel. After the war, Barss settled in Kentville, NS. He passed away August 3, 1824, and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery (Kentville).

A fantastic exhibit on Barss, privateering, and a replica of the Liverpool Packet are on display at the Queens County Museum.  You can climb aboard the Packet and learn all there is to know about privateers in Liverpool.


Shipyard in front of inn

Shipyards lined the shores of the  Mersey River at the mouth of the harbour. You can see the inn just behind this ship.


Lane's in 1940's

This photo was taken in the 1950’s before the inn was an inn.  The Lane family operated the largest furniture store on the south shore in this building.  This photo was taken during the construction of the town bridge.



A postcard from the 1960’s. Note that those giant poplar trees next to the inn have not been planted at the time of this photo.



Lane’s as it appeared in the late 1960s with the ornamental lighthouse.




Lane’s Privateer Inn has been through many changes over the years but one common thread makes Lane’s Privateer Inn what it is today: Family means everything and every guest is treated like family. Welcome to Lane’s Privateer Inn, established in 1962.